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Manoj Multifoods Private Limited [MMPL] - Value Added Services

Manoj Multifoods dedicated and shared warehouses are not just meant for storage of goods but we offer a range of auxiliary services which improve the efficiency of supply chain.

We help the companies cut costs, reduce inventories and match supply with the market demands by co-locating the auxiliary services along with the storage of goods. This saves money, minimizes handling and eliminates many steps in supply chain.

value added services

Though at Manoj Multifoods, we vouch to provide the companies all the services they may need, some of the prominent services which add value to the overall offering are as follows,

bullet Assembly - We provide assembly of finished products from disparate modules and components, and help the companies implement a postponement strategy, like "Build-To-Order".

bullet Postponement – We offer a wide range of postponement services and processes - including tailored packaging and bundling, hardware configuration, software installation, and localization, such as the addition of documentation and labels.

bullet Customization - By producing large volumes of standardized products and then customizing them for local markets in the downstream supply chain, the inventories can be minimized and product obsolescence can be effectively reduced.

bullet Kitting - We offer a range of kitting services, like component kit building, packing, shrink wrapping and blister packing, which give companies distinct supply chain efficiencies, due to product packs being localized and finished at the last moment.

bullet Labeling - We undertake labeling jobs. This includes swing tags, kimble tags, security tags, RFID tags, price stickers and other promotional labeling.

bullet Product Merchandising – We undertake product merchandising drives to create and maintain product displays at the Point of Sale.

bullet Product Selling – The companies can even outsource their sales to us. We have experience and expertise to recruit, train and manage sales teams.

bullet Product Promotion – We hire promoters for Point of Sale promotion of products. This can be effectively undertaken and executed with minimum costs.