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Manoj Multifoods Private Limited [MMPL] - Services

At Manoj Multifoods we understand the basic need of our customers in outsourcing the warehousing and logistics operations to us. The very reason is that our customers are extremely focused on their core activities of manufacturing and brand development. They need someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and extremely competent to carry out their warehousing, logistics and other auxiliary services required locally on the field. The auxiliary services could be hiring promoters or merchandisers for their products or bundling the products together for the consumer offers like Buy-One-Get-One Free. The possibilities are immense since the field is unpredictable and the reaction time is very short. A reliable partner locally at the field level to take care of all such field exigencies can be very handy at times.

At Manoj Multifoods we have developed in-house expertise for taking care of all such field exigencies, so that our customers do not have to struggle hard to get the required help and resources from the unknown sources.

Some of the mainline and auxiliary services we offer are as follows.

trade channel

Trade Channel Coverage



Modern Trade
Redistribution Stockists / Area Distributors
  Manoj Multifoods has its warehouses located at strategic locations which facilitates efficient logistics due to better accessibility, fairly good infrastructure and a good network of transporters.


  IT Enabled

IT Enabled Services

Sales Professionals
Back Office Staff
ERP Software
SFA - Sales Force Software
Database Management